Young People’s Green Growth Assembly

Forging our green future. Together.

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The Midlands Engine Young People’s Green Growth Assembly was a chance to showcase the ambition, creativity and passion of Midlands young people to the businesses, universities and public sector organisations of our region in order to shape a greener, cleaner, more prosperous future.

A future where we can create opportunities for the next generation – opportunities for people and nature to flourish alongside each other.

Event Highlights

Over 30 young ‘Green Growth Champions’ aged 15-19yr from across the Midlands collaborated to design and lead the Young People’s Green Growth Assembly. Following their own research into the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing the Midlands, they produced three in-depth sessions looking at The Importance of Nature’s Recovery, Clean Green Infrastructure and Places, and Green Opportunities. Through these sessions, our Green Growth Champions demonstrate the ambition and desire of young people in our region to build a greener future. Tied to this, each session culminated in our Green Growth Champions inviting organisations to make a pledge outlining what they will do to make a greener future a reality.

Watch the videos below to hear more from our young people. 


Event Highlights

Key highlights from the Young People’s Green Growth Assembly.

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The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Liwia, Molly, Ruby, Shazaim, Qirat, Jasmine, Amy, and Alina reveal how vital our region’s natural assets and precious biodiversity are and why nature needs protecting.

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Clean Green Infrastructure & Places

Leo, Lewis, Krystal, Hannah, Abdul, Dan and Clara highlight the crucial importance of green places, sustainable transport and clean energy for our region’s prosperity, wellbeing and future.

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Green Opportunities

Using the fashion industry as a case study, Safiyah, Isabelle, Holly, Rhianna, and Dinah look at opportunities to make business supply chains and design processes green and sustainable.

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Net Zero Song by Emily Patel

Young Leicester-based singer and songwriter, Emily Patel, wrote this song especially for the Assembly – it casts her vision of a greener Midlands future and why it’s needed more than ever

Casey Bailey Video

No More. Act Now by Casey Bailey

Birmingham’s Poet Laureate, Casey Bailey, met with the Green Growth Champions at one of their co-designing workshops before the event. Inspired by the conversations he had with the Champions that day, he wrote and recorded this poem, No More. Act Now, which was shown at the Assembly

Showcasing Young Green Midlands Voices

Our Green Growth Champions

Over 35  young people aged 15-19yrs from across the Midlands helped design and lead the Young People’s Green Growth Assembly as Green Growth Champions.

Watch the videos below to hear more from them.

Molly ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Isabelle ME


Green Opportunities

Amy ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Alina ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Ruby ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Qirat ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Jasmine ME


The Importance of Nature's Recovery

Holly ME


Green Opportunities

Dinah ME


Green Opportunities

Leo ME


Clean Green Infrastructure & Places

Rhianna ME


Green Opportunities

Young People's Green Growth Assembly on BBC East Midlands Today - shown the evening of 11 March 2022
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