Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine

Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine

by skdhbruy7

Our Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine sets out, with a unified voice, the actions to be taken in partnership which will accelerate our region’s and the UK’s path to net zero.

Exceptional work in low carbon is already underway across our vast Midlands Engine Partnership landscape, making the Midlands a leading location for Green Growth. But the potential for more is phenomenal.

This Plan gives us the focus to complement existing partner initiatives, capitalising on the wealth of economic opportunities presented by the shift to low carbon and enabling nature’s recovery. It is how we can drive collective action today to safeguard the environment for future generations.

Download our Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine.

The power of partnership

We would like to thank all our partners from right across our region for contributing their valued time and immense expertise to our Green Growth work. We have collectively developed this Ten Point Plan, making shared investments and joint commitments.

We will continue to work together, with urgency and purpose – a powerful partnership force with the ability to harness vast region-wide expertise and strengths, as we galvanise our efforts at pace to shape our green future.

Green Growth Digital Map

Developed by the Midlands Engine Observatory, this interactive tool brings our region’s Green Growth assets to life – showcasing our region’s flagship projects, facilities and key industry leaders, as well as exemplar case studies from across the Midlands.

The Green Growth Digital Map is a live tool with functionality for Midlands Engine partners to provide updates and new projects as and when they emerge, ensuring our showcase of regional Green Growth assets is always up to date.

Access the Green Growth Digital Map.