Do you want to join Team Midlands?

Would you like to be part of Team Midlands and really help build momentum behind the region?
Do you share our passion for making the Midlands a thriving and vibrant economy? If so, we want to hear from you.

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest from companies, sectors and organisations who would like to bang the drum loudly on behalf of the Midlands.

We also want you to help shape “the ask” and “the offer” before we launch the Team Midlands programme.

What is Team Midlands?

We want to jointly promote and welcome major projects and initiatives in the Midlands that showcase growth in our economy.

We want to build advocacy so that the Midlands economy is greater than the sum of its parts.

We want to show that the Midlands is connected and energised.

We want to champion the impacts of innovation; transport improvements; skills and job opportunities; culture and tourism.

So if you believe in the spirit of collaborative working and are willing to commit to joint activity around areas such as communications, events, offers, promotions, advice, support and skills/knowledge exchange, we want to hear from you.

How do I express an interest?

In the first instance we just want you to register an interest in joining Team Midlands and tell us how you would be willing to support.

At the moment we are still shaping the “deal” and would like to hear your thoughts about how a programme would look and feel before we launch.

At this stage you would not be committing to anything but we would like to get back in touch with you after we have heard your thoughts and finalised the programme.

If all of this sounds interesting, please complete the following online form:

Register your interest

How could you add value to Team Midlands?

What would you expect to get in return?