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The Midlands Engine partnership has an important role to plan in turning Global Britain into reality.

By identifying and activating inward investment opportunities, we aim to expand our global footprint in support of levelling up. Increasing inward investment and exports will also help to close the £76 billion productivity gap in the Midlands leading to greater prosperity for our communities and economic growth at scale.

The Midlands is home to some of the world’s most successful companies, whose innovation, expertise and ingenuity have driven UK trade and exports for over a century. The Midlands Engine helps amplify the voice and reputation of our region across the world. We work in collaboration with partners from right across our region and national government. Together, we work to support inward investment, to encourage more firms to export to more places around the world and to help keep jobs and opportunities within both our region and the UK.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, the pioneering spirit of innovation and industry that has characterised the Midlands’ approach to internationalisation will help put our region at the forefront of a new Global Britain. Together, we will accelerate opportunities for international trade as we develop our global brand recognition and region-to-region relationships within high-growth markets, such as the USA, South East Asia, the Gulf and Africa. We will also work to underpin our essential regional trade relationship with Europe.

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Midlands trade and investment annual contribution to the national economy



England’s exports provided by Midlands




Worth of exported goods in year ending Q2 2021




Machinery and transport export amounted to

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Supporting our partners investment showcase: Midlands UK Forum for Growth 2020

In late November 2020, stakeholders from across our partnership joined forces to showcase £17.6 billion of exceptional investment opportunities in the Midlands. Led by the Midlands Engine partnership, the Midlands UK Forum for Growth was the first major virtual investment event to be held by any region in the UK.


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