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Green Growth Digital Map

A group of solar panels in a green field

The Green Growth Digital Map is a live tool with functionality for Midlands Engine partners to provide updates and new projects as and when they emerge, ensuring our showcase of regional green growth assets is always up to date.

Developed by the Midlands Engine Observatory, this interactive tool brings our region’s green growth assets to life–showcasing our region’s flagship projects, facilities and key industry leaders, as well as exemplar case studies from across the Midlands.

a collage of various images including a river, wind turbines, an electric vehicle charger, DNA and car production
Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine

Our Ten Point Plan for Green Growth in the Midlands Engine sets out, with a unified voice, the actions to be taken in partnership which will accelerate our region’s and the UK’s path to net zero.

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Green Growth

Dec 15 2022

Midlands Green Innovation Network and Report Launched

Midlands Engine and partners hosted an event on Thursday 15th December to coincide with the launch of a review of Green Innovation in the Midlands. The event brought people from multiple disciplines together to focus on how businesses in the region can innovate in energy.

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Green Growth

Dec 14 2022

Cost-of-living and energy inflation: the Smart solution

Midlands Engine APPG Co-Chairs, Jane Hunt MP and Lord Ravensdale, following the publication of Midlands Engine, ERA, Siemens and the University of Birmingham's Smart Energy Report.

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Lucideon hydrogen kiln

Green Growth

Dec 5 2022

Partnership looks at seawater’s potential to power ceramic production 

New research is looking to the coast to explore ways to generate sustainable hydrogen supplies to power up the UK’s ceramics sector.

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An electric vehicle charging
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