Regional Leaders Summit

Regional Leaders Summit

by skdhbruy7

We are immensely proud that the Midlands Engine will be hosting the Fifth UK-China Regional Leaders Summit in Birmingham, 17-19 February 2020.

The Midlands Engine has long identified China as a key partner for the Midlands and over the past three years we have been privileged to both lead and receive delegations to build strong, thriving relationships with China at the very highest levels.

Being selected to host the Fifth UK-China Regional Leaders Summit in 2020 is a great honour for the Midlands and a clear endorsement of the outstanding work the region has done to develop strategic connections across China.

Bringing together more than 700 national and regional leaders from China and the UK, along with highly respected business leaders, the Summit is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to continue forging a Golden Era for our two nations; a chance to strengthen the cultural and economic links which already exist for the powerful benefit of both countries. The Midlands Engine welcomes the extensive opportunities for deeper relationship building that the Summit will bring and we look forward to the powerful legacy of greater friendship and partnership that will result from such a pivotal and prestigious event.

The Midlands Engine generates added value for the whole of the Midlands, its communities and the wider UK.  Already contributing almost £250 billion to the UK economy, including more than £90 billion every year through our international activities, and with a stated ambition to grow international trade by at least a further £26 billion, the Midlands is excellently placed and ready to enable growth between the UK and Chinese economies and further strengthen these valued economic ties.

Over the last three years, the number of active links between UK regional and local governments and Chinese provinces has doubled. As we work ever-closer together, we know that greater collaboration between our nations will allow both countries to benefit from our combined wealth of talent, innovation and ideas, driving forward progress on our shared priorities as we seek to achieve a fairer, more prosperous global society for all.

Sir John Peace and H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming

The Fifth UK-China Regional Leaders Summit takes place at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Birmingham, 17-19 February, 2020. It is a hugely significant event to the UK and China, and as such will be attended by some of the two nations’ most senior politicians and leaders, and renowned figures from the business world. The programme includes the following:

17 February
A spectacular and celebratory Welcome Dinner to formally receive with honour the esteemed Chinese delegation and invited UK guests

18 February
An all-day conference to showcase the strengths of our region with presentations and interactive sessions, supported by business and policy experts from both China and the UK

A prestigious, evening Gala Dinner to allow us to celebrate the shared successes of the day and spend time together in friendship

19 February
Chinese and UK delegates are invited to enjoy visits to the cities, towns and communities of the Midlands, growing friendships and enjoying the beauty and diversity of our region

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