Sectors and Supply Chains

The Observatory

Sectors and Supply Chains

The Observatory

by skdhbruy7

Supply Chains

The Observatory has identified our region’s supply chains as a priority area for research due to the importance of manufacturing and exports to the Midlands economy, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and EU exit.

Research partners have been awarded funding to explore the following issues in the Midlands supply chain:

  • Opportunities and challenges for industrial supply chains in the Midlands region: a systematic review
  • ACURSC – Anti-COVID-19 Capabilities Underpinning Resilient Supply Chains’ framework: evidence from manufacturing firms in food supply chains in the Midlands
  • Resilience of advanced manufacturing supply chains across the Midlands
  • Advanced manufacturing (including MedTech) sector supply chains
  • Towards net-zero: exploring the current state of low carbon supply chains in the Midlands

The findings of these projects will help inform policy-making decisions as well as add to the growing knowledge base of supply chains in the Midlands Engine region.They will be available in April 2021 and presented to partners at the Quarterly Economic Briefing.

Health & life sciences sector

The work of the Observatory both underpins and is aligned to all of our Midlands Engine Partnership priorities areas, including health, digital, transport and internationalisation.

Midlands Engine Health is currently progressing a significant body of work. The Observatory is supporting this by commissioning a sector profile and research focused on understanding the impact of the health and life sciences sector in our region. This work will help identify areas of opportunity that exist for developing closer links between the health sector the wider manufacturing capacity of the region.

Work is also underway to identify the role of ‘healthier economies’ and research into the interdependencies between health-digital-transport and the green economy will be critical.