Midlands Engine Observatory

Supporting our Partnership with a Robust Evidence Base

Midlands Engine Observatory

Supporting our Partnership with a Robust Evidence Base

by Gareth Roberts

The Midlands Engine Observatory is an alliance of leading academic researchers, and economic and industry experts, working together to deliver the regionally focused research and analysis our partners need, for every part of the Midlands.

The Midlands is the UK’s largest regional economy outside London; it contributes almost £250 billion GVA to the UK economy each year and is the place almost 11 million people call home.

It is a region with vast potential.

The Midlands Engine partnership has bold ambitions for our region. Such ambitions demand robust foundations, and so we are committed to growing our regional evidence base, providing accessible, up-to-date intelligence for regional partners, businesses and Government, and sharing insights on regional economic performance.

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Midlands Engine Observatory Brochure | Midlands Engine

Our areas of focus

The East Midlands Hub (Toton) | Midlands Engine

The region’s supply chains are a priority area for research due to the importance of manufacturing and exports to the Midlands economy.

Green Growth | Midlands Engine

The Observatory supports the work of Midlands Engine Green Growth, providing an online intelligence report setting out the economic context, activities underway and future priorities.

Digital | Midlands Engine

The Observatory’s work on digital connectivity includes working with WM 5G on developing an analytical map to allow targeted interventions and barrier-busting, speeding up the delivery of digital and enabling digital competitiveness.

Transport | Midlands Engine

Working closely with Midlands Connect, this key piece of work focuses on strategic economic corridors.

Internationalisation | Midlands Engine

We are working to map the opportunities for international trade across the pan-region.

Labour Market and Skills | Midlands Engine

Alongside the regular monitoring of key labour market intelligence, the Observatory is working on projects of value at the pan-regional level.

Innovation | Midlands Engine

A cross-cutting theme through all of the work of the Observatory is the application of innovative techniques and working alongside Midlands Innovation.

Business Access to Finance | Midlands Engine

We are working to understand our current social economy landscape and its economic contribution to the region.

Macro Economy| Midlands Engine

A series of regular products produced by the Observatory to ensure partners have the most robust, timely intelligence at their fingertips.

Midlands Engine Research Partnership

The Midlands Engine Research Partnership provides a forum for universities from across the Midlands to come together quarterly to scope areas of research needed by the Midlands Engine, steer research, collaborate, secure external funding for projects and contribute to key policy reviews and strategy formulation for the Midlands Engine.

The Observatory is funded by the Midlands Engine and its partners – in particular our academic partners who co-invest in all the research we produce together. Our experts are drawn from the Midlands’ own universities, partner institutions and private sector organisations, ensuring that we maximise the vast knowledge potential of our region.

Work is overseen and guided by a Programme Board, which in turn reports to the Operating Board of the Midlands Engine, ensuring partnership decision making is underpinned by evidence and data.

Join the Midlands Engine Intelligence Community

The Midlands Engine Intelligence Community (MEIC) is a forum for our valued partners to discuss and contribute to the work of the Observatory, hear updates on key research activities and share data and best practice.

If you are a data owner or engage with research and intelligence linked to any aspect of the Midlands economy, we’d welcome your input to help shape the work of the Observatory and accelerate our work to recover and grow our regional economy.

For more information, please contact us at info@midlandsengine.org