Mental Health and Productivity Pilot

Mental Health and Productivity Pilot

by Rachel
Mental Health Productivity Pilot

The Mental Health & Productivity Pilot, funded by Midlands Engine, is a partnership of Midlands universities, local authorities and mental health charity Mind, set up to help Midlands employers of all sizes, to improve workplace mental health and wellbeing and improve productivity.

The three-year programme, led by Coventry University, aims to contribute to the reduction of mental health distress and break down barriers to accessing care faced by employees who are experiencing mental illness; and ultimately to make a positive contribution to organisational productivity in both quantitative (monetary) and qualitative (wellbeing) terms.

The Mental Health and Productivity Pilot will see the implementation of new workplace interventions at pilot organisations and the rollout of existing interventions in small, medium and large businesses across the region.

A recent survey of 1900 Midlands employers, conducted by the Pilot, suggests companies that don’t do enough to support their workers’ mental health risk seeing their overall productivity drop by a quarter.

It found that, despite the potential hit to their bottom line, less than half of firms offer proactive support for mental health and many are unsure where to go for advice. (Source: Employee wellbeing, mental health & productivity in Midlands Firms – May 2020)

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Paul Farmer | Midlands Engine
      • Mind is a proud partner of the Government-funded Midlands Engine Mental Health Productivity Pilot, which has brought together institutions and people across the Midlands who are passionate about improving mental health in the workplace.
      • Sir Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind
Steve Iley | Midlands Engine
      • At Jaguar Land Rover we believe that while there’s no universal definition for wellbeing, we think of it as not only avoiding being unwell but being healthy and feeling good physically, mentally and socially. When all three are as good as they can be you are more likely to feel positive and enjoy life.
      • Dr Steve Iley, Chef Medical Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

Mental Health and Productivity Pilot Reports

Infographic for Employers

Workplace mental health & Covid-19 experiences of Midlands firms (ERC – November 2020)

Mental health and employers: Refreshing the case for investment (Deloitte – January 2020)

Focus on Work Place Health
Midlands Engine – September 2020)

How do employers in the Midlands understand and experience mental health issues? (ERC – November 2020)

Employers Survey Report
(ERC – May 2020)

Led by Coventry University in partnership with University of Warwick, West Midlands Combined Authority and mental health charity Mind.

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