Amplifying the voice of our region

Amplifying the voice of our region

by skdhbruy7

The Midlands Engine partnership works to promote the extensive opportunities and vast capabilities of our region, both across global markets and within every part of the UK. We want everyone, the world over, to know that the Midlands is a great place to live, visit, learn, work, invest and do business. We work in partnership to maximise regional economic growth in an internationally competitive environment.

Our people make our region truly special. Proud of such skilled, diverse and innovative communities, we want to ensure that every individual from every generation has the opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the growth and prosperity that the Midlands Engine is focused on creating.

The cities, towns, rural areas and landscapes of the Midlands boast unique identities filled with reminders of the region’s rich heritage. Quality of life here is excellent, with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 60 historic houses, the National Forest and the Peak District, diverse and beautiful cities, and a wealth of art and history. Such assets also act as powerful tourism and cultural magnets, contributing over £8 billion a year to our economy. Combined, the visitor economy of our region supports one in every four jobs across our region.

With welcoming communities and world-leading attractions, we will underpin and continue to voice this success. The next few years alone will see some landmark events in the Midlands. 2020 is the 400thanniversary of the crossing of the Mayflower Pilgrims to the New World, Coventry will be the UK’s City of Culture in 2021, and Birmingham will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. These will attract visitors from overseas but also the rest of the UK; as the UK’s transport hub, with excellent international connections, over 90% of the UK population are within four hours travel time to the Midlands.

Working together as a partnership of organisations across every part of our region, we combine as a powerful voice, jointly celebrating the successes of our region and promoting the extensive opportunities on offer; to audiences across the UK and the globe. We’re proud that our region is one of the best places in the UK to live, work, learn and invest.

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