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Investing in transport for growth

By better connecting people, businesses and markets within the Midlands, to the rest of the country and beyond, we will support business growth, enhance productivity and build prosperity for our region. With the arrival of HS2, better east-west connectivity, the shifting of freight to rail and more, we aim to transform our transport networks for the benefit of our communities, underpinning economic growth.

Midlands Engine Accelerating innovation and enterprise (pink scanning machine)

Accelerating innovation and enterprise

By strengthening and growing links between our universities and businesses, we will drive innovation, productivity and competitive advantage in regionally significant sectors, many of which are already thriving in the Midlands. Working together, we are fostering a community of ideas, increasing access to finance for SMEs and accelerating the impact of innovation across every part of the Midlands.

Midlands Engine Powering an ultra-connected region

Powering an ultra-connected region

By prioritising digital connectivity and access to real-time data, we will ensure that our homes, communities and businesses across the Midlands benefit from the significant opportunities an ultra-connected region has to offer; from better healthcare and education, to business growth. This is being underpinned by low-carbon, reliable sources of energy which will enable us to achieve our sustainable growth ambitions.

Midlands Engine Trading with the world (close up of orange graphic)

Trading with the world

By investing in existing and new global connections, and by actively promoting our region in the global marketplace, we will expand our international reach and export market. At the same time, we will proactively grow inward investment so that the Midlands continues to be the location of choice for global investors, enhancing regional economic growth. We focus our ambitions on promoting the wealth of opportunities across our region, whether to those coming here to study, visit or work, and on growing cultural experiences for our communities and our visitors.

Amplifying the voice of our region

The Midlands Engine partnership works to promote the extensive opportunities and vast capabilities of our region, both across global markets and within every part of the UK. We want everyone, the world over, to know that the Midlands is a great place to live, visit, learn, work, invest and do business. We work in partnership to maximise regional economic growth in an internationally competitive environment.

Midlands Engine : Amplifying the voice of our region