Thirty-six road accidents per year hit A5 logistics hotspot

Date posted: November 18, 2022
a white hgv on the road with driver at the window
  • There were 180 accidents on the road from 2017 to 2021, with 45 in the year 2019 alone
  • One in five of these accidents (20%) were serious
  • Midlands Connect is working on a Strategic Outline Business Case for improvements to the corridor

 The A5 between Hinckley and Tamworth experiences an average of 36 road accidents per year, according to data released today by Midlands Connect.

 The corridor is one of the Midlands’ most important east-west connections and is at the heart of the “Logistics golden triangle”. This is an area of the country from which drivers can reach 90% of the population within four hours, a very important location for logistics firms.

Analysis of Department for Transport data by Midlands Connect shows that almost all accidents which happen on this road (97.2%) occur when there are no hazards – such as an animal, object, or person – in the road. Almost two thirds of accidents (64.4%) happen in broad daylight.

Over five years the area in and around Hinckley saw 180 accidents.

Dr Luke Evans, Member of Parliament for Bosworth, commented on the new data:

“This is yet further evidence to support the case for improvements to be made to the A5, something I am passionate about and working tirelessly on. One accident is always too many but, without vital changes to the road, 36 a year is a real concern.

“For the safety of all road users and to alleviate delays caused by these accidents, including those involving the frequently-bashed Watling Street bridge, it’s time improvements were made.

“These figures further highlight the safety concerns that Midlands Connect and myself have been raising with the Government. I have requested a meeting with transport ministers and will be reiterating the economic, strategic and political importance and potential of the A5 .

“I’m grateful to all emergency service workers who have responded to these accidents.”

Swati Mittal, Strategic Roads Manager for Midlands Connect, added:

“This data shows a real need to begin works on improving the A5 Corridor. Accidents can cause distress and serious delays for all road users, from commuters to HGV drivers.

“As an essential route in the logistics golden triangle, this corridor is vital for local and national business. We must optimise it to help boost the economy and aid levelling up in the region.”

Cllr Phil King, Chair of the A5 Partnership added:

“The A5 is a major strategic route through the Midlands which passes through a number of local communities and generates high volumes of traffic from local residents, businesses and commuters.

Road safety is a key objective of the partnership which continues to lobby for further improvements and welcomes the case for investment being developed by Midlands Connect.”

Midlands Connect recommends that improvements to the A5 between Hinckley and Tamworth are considered by the government for funding as part of its third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3), which is for the period 2025-2030. This means that project delivery could begin as soon as 2025, less than three years from now.

Last month, Midlands Connect held an A5 Corridor Conference in Hinckley, which showed a range of support for improvements to the corridor. Representatives from the local college, to manufacturers, to politicians all spoke about how upgrading the road could help their endeavours — showing just how important these plans are.


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