Easier access to Midlands-specific data and research aims to help shape policy and target investment

Date posted: November 17, 2022
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Putting the power of real-time evidence at the fingertips of diverse private and public sector partners, including central and local Government, the Midlands Engine Observatory Intelligence Hub is a unique and vital tool for anyone working to boost economic growth and social benefit across the region.

The Intelligence Hub is a key part of the Midlands Engine Observatory’s continuing work to deepen the evidence base around issues impacting the Midlands economy. Now, the many customisable tools available across nine areas of focus – including health, transport, green growth, and macro economy – are easily accessible through one clearly set out website.

Benefits of using the hub

The Intelligence Hub not only provides up-to-date evidence, but also links to one-page insights and deep-dive research from partners and academics. By providing such a wealth of data, and explaining the nuances and impact on the Midlands, the Intelligence Hub aims to support:

  • Stronger business cases with the potential to secure greater investment for the region
  • Robust comparisons, benchmarking and forecasting to support policy recommendations
  • Evidenced regional impact insights to inform reactions to Government policy and lobbying
  • Better understanding of regional needs and opportunities to target investment for the widest possible economic and social impact.

Find out more about the hub at https://www.midlandsengineintelligencehub.org/about-the-hub/

How to use the hub

Depending on a user’s area of focus and time available, the information can be viewed and explored in a variety of formats:

  • Key stats and brief intro text at the top of each themed Area of Focus page provide an at-a-glance overview. For instance, this Macro Economy example. https://www.midlandsengineintelligencehub.org/intelligence-sector/macro-economy/
  • Each Area of Focus page also has links to relevant dashboards – which have headline stats immediately available or filters to help tailor the data to exact requirements. This is live data from the Midlands Engine Observatory so it’s always the latest data available, often in the context of national averages and benchmarks.
  • Quick-read Insight one-pagers written by the region’s leading academics, provided by our Research Partnership, are also available on each Area of Focus page. These detail how the data available across the hub affects policy, business, and decisions made by partners across the Midlands Engine.
  • At the bottom of each Area of Focus page are links to the latest relevant Midlands Engine reports.

Explore the Intelligence Hub at: www.midlandsengineintelligencehub.org

Find out more about how to use the hub at: https://www.midlandsengineintelligencehub.org/how-to-use-the-hub/ 


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