Midlands Engine Quarterly Economic Commentary – August 2019

Midlands Engine Quarterly Economic Commentary – August 2019

by Midlands Engine Newsroom

Welcome to the third edition of the Midlands Engine Quarterly Economic Commentary. This report is produced by the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory which is a partnership commissioned by the Midlands Engine.

The purpose of the Economic Commentary report is to provide intelligence that can inform, support and influence important decision making to ensure strategy and policy is evidence led. The report will be produced on a quarterly basis with each quarter reporting on the latest data to be released. The first quarter in March focused on the Economy with the main emphasis on GVA The second report centred on people with the main focus on qualification levels. This third report in August will focus on place, population and dwelling stock analysis. The fourth report in November will focus on businesses and jobs.

The report is supported by a master spreadsheet of data which contains a selection of headline indicators from national data sources. The data can be downloaded via the Midlands Engine website www.midlandsengine.org and is updated as soon as national data is released. The indicators are made available at Local Authority level.

We welcome any feedback on the content and format to ensure this report meets the needs of partners. Please forward any feedback to info@midlandsengine.org.

To download the PDF report click here.