A Momentous Day as High Speed 2 gets Royal Assent

A Momentous Day as High Speed 2 gets Royal Assent

by Midlands Engine Newsroom

Midlands Engine Chair Sir John Peace says, “High Speed 2 Royal Assent marks a momentous day, both for the Midlands and the UK. It’s proof that the Government is serious about rebalancing the country’s economy by investing in the regions.

We have already seen investment, growth and other signs of economic optimism arising from just the prospect of High Speed 2 and record numbers of businesses and investors are interested in the region, in part due to the transformational nature of HS2.

The Midlands is now at the heart of the UK’s most ambitious infrastructure project. Today’s announcement provides us with the opportunity to accelerate our plans for growth in the region and it provides investors with the certainty they need to make the investment decisions we need.

The Midlands Engine has brought public agencies and businesses together on an unprecedented scale. Our region’s potential to benefit from HS2 is great and we are working hard to ensure the most is made of the opportunity it presents and that the whole region benefits.

We will continue pushing hard for the later phases of High Speed 2 that will connect our cities not just with London but with each other and with the great cities of the north, spreading to maximum effect its positive impact on growth and productivity.

We’re looking forward to making HS2 central to our story as we show the world that the Midlands is open for business.”