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Communicating the Midlands Engine – Be a part of it

The Midlands Engine is all about giving voice to our region. We are happy to share with you these marketing tools to communicate our combined success under the Midlands Engine umbrella.

Consistency and engagement are key. A unified communications platform will give us a stronger presence on the global stage and attract the attention of wider investment.

With this in mind we’ve created guidelines, so that your own marketing and the Midland Engine’s strategy work together perfectly.

By accessing these free to use tools you agree to use them in accordance with the guidelines which are available on this page. These tools should not be used in any direct communications with government unless you are an official partner of the Midlands Engine.

If you are a Midlands business we’d love to share and promote your news with other partners, investors, the government, residents, and the media.

To access more from the Engine please visit our Team Midlands page.

Toolkit Guidelines

Midlands Engine Toolkit Lite - March 2019

Please familiarise yourself with our brand toolkit and ensure all guidelines are adhered to before using any assets.

List of available assets:

ME logo blue

Lock up

Social posts

Website footer

Email footer

PPT widescreen

Word template

List of available assets (HM Government logo):

Social posts HM Gov

Website footer HM Gov

Email footer HM Gov


PPT widescreen HM Gov

Word template HM Gov