Agendas and Minutes

Executive Board

Agendas and Minutes

Executive Board

by skdhbruy7

On this page you will find the minutes and agendas of the Executive Board meetings. Agendas will be published five days before each meeting. The draft minutes will be published 10 days after the meeting and the final minutes will be published once they have been approved by the Board at the following meeting.

February 2020

Executive Board February 2020

Executive Board Draft Minutes February 2020

September 2019

Agenda – Executive Board 11 September 2019

Executive Board Draft Minutes 11th September 2019

Strategy Refresh Report EB09.19.1

Strategy Refresh Presentation

China Leaders Summit EB09.19.2

Note to British Embassy 20190814

Draft TOR CLS 0.4

June 2019

Executive Board Draft Minutes 18th February 2019

Agenda Executive Board 17th June 2019

Midlands Connect Update – EB6.19.2.2

Midlands Engine Observatory Update EB6.19.2.1

Midlands Engine Refresh EB6.19.2.3

Accountable Body Report EB6.19.3.1

MEEO Steering Group Meeting Appendix A – Evidence review -EB6.19.2.1

Top-down Analysis New Benchmarks Appendix B EB6.19.2.1

February 2019

Draft Minutes February 2019

Agenda Executive Board 18th February 2019

EB1.1  Draft Minutes November 2018

EB2.2  Internationalisation Strategy

Internationalisation Short Form Report

EB2.3  Supply Chain Initiative

EB2.4  ME Economic Observatory

ME Quarterly Economic Commentary (QEC) EB4

ME Independent Economic Review (IER) EB4

EB3.1 Accountable Body Report

EB3.2  Governance

EB3.3  Programme Director update

EB3.31  Programme Highlight report

Midlands Engine Summit Document

Draft Forward Plan

Midlands Engine KPIs

November 2018

Agenda Executive Board 22nd November 2018

Accountable Body Report EB 11.3

Draft Executive Board Minutes 22nd November 2018