We need to improve the ability for businesses to access the right skills, and our people to obtain those skills, if we are to improve the opportunities and quality of life for the people of the Midlands.

The availability of a strong talent pool is crucial to enable employers to improve their productivity and grow more quickly.

As part of our skill strategy, we are seeking to address identified challenges in growing our sector strengths, addressing skill levels, investing in the workforce, and enhancing the provision of careers advice for all.

Building on established partnerships and creating new ones, the Midlands Engine will encourage employers and employees to work closely with skills providers. Clearer skills pathways will develop, and we will encourage more people to take up an apprenticeship and more businesses to take on apprentices.

We champion the local delivery of skill-based and employability programmes, and across the Midlands we are undertaking a wide range of activity to raise skill levels including:

  • Launch of a £20 million Midlands Skills Challenge to improve employment prospects for people living and working in the region
  • Our 20 Universities produce over 100,000 graduates each year, providing a rich talent pool for industry and our cutting edge research sectors
  • The nine Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) will help develop regional skills and employability portals
  • We can engage businesses in this process to ensure that their current and future needs are catered for
  • We can support the current workforce with upskilling and career development opportunities
  • We can support the unemployed to improve their basic skills and employability prospects
  • And, we will work collaboratively to make the Midlands a great place to live, study and work

The Strategic Programme Group for Midlands Engine Skills terms of reference can be found here.

The Strategic Programme Group Chair for Skills is Angela Joyce, for more information contact info@midlandsengine.org

Midlands Engine
Midlands Engine

ESOL Tender opportunity

The Midlands Engine Partnership are seeking sufficiently experienced and qualified contractors for the provision of services in respect of Innovative English Language Skills Pilots for adults who are speakers of other languages.

The aim is to test new innovative ways of delivering improved English language skills that lead to better access to work and career prospects for the individual along with enhanced productivity outcomes for employers.

Closing date for expressions of interest is 14 September 2018.

Find out more here: Midlands Engine ESOL Tender opportunity